General Cargo Freighter

The General Cargo Freighter is based on the numerous coastal freighter ships sailing around the U.K. and European seas. Featuring a fully opening double hatch into the vast hold below, this ship will carry any cargo from one port to it a teddy bear or one of our many purpose made cargo sets. It has a working anchor winch, 3 mooring bollards, a rotating radar and double port and starboard ships lighting. The hull is shaped to simulate the roll of the sea during play for that added dimension of learning. Hand made and beautifully finished in our workshops in Wales, it is painted in muted, child safe chalk paints under a durable, wipeable satin lacquer.

Dimensions & Packaging

The General Cargo Freighter  measures  660mm long, has a beam of 107mm and has a height of 210mm. For postal information it tips the scales at approximately 2.7Kgs and comes in a brown kraft card  hinge lid box with a wood wool protective filler. We use paper gummed tapes to seal our boxes and all packaging is 100% recyclable/compostable.


Huge cargo hold with 2 hinged hatches, working anchor winch, rotating radar and 3 mooring bollards. Made from FSC approved European beech wood, that has full traceability certification. EN71 certified toy safe paints and satin lacquer.     

Learning Outcomes & Play

Fine motor skills are developed by using turning parts, handling rope to link and hook up with dockside bollards and tugs. Loading via dockside cranes and developing spatial awareness through loading the ship.  Understanding of pulling and pushing forces needed during use. In play the Freighter is a busy no nonsense workhorse, where getting things delivered is all that matters.

Load your cargo, batten the hatches and set sail, all can be found at the store

Toy Safety

All Harbour Master toys meet EN71 toy safety regulations and due to some small parts are recommended for use by children over 36 months of age.

Harbour Master and all associated products are designed for use on the floor or counter tops in a playroom/area setting. They are not designed for use in water. If used in water, whilst they may float damage to glues, finishes and the toy may occur.