Harbour Master

Our feature-rich and beautifully made nautical toy set, designed to give hours of endless fun and learning

100% N0 Plastic

 At Caballus, every toy we make is made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, right down to our minimalist environmentally friendly packaging

Solid Wood - Artisan Crafted - Vintage Toys

Collect Individual Toys

Each piece can be bought singularly so that you can pick & mix to create exactly the play interest you would like for your little sailors.

Build Quickly With A Set

A great way to get your harbour collection off to a sailing start, is to purchase one of our many varied sets of items. 

Pocket Money Accessories

Add to the play value and interest with a host of accessory items, sure to delight and well within pocket money reach!

Harbour Walls

Build Harbour Worlds

For smaller ships and inner harbour life we offer a range of jetties and pontoons with multiple interlocking parts. A huge number of layout combinations can be made, stimulating imagination, developing cognitive and fine motor skills.....Click here to build a port!

Learn How To Lift & Load

Our growing selection of cranes, HIABs and lifting gear help to develop an understanding of pivots, leverage, pullies, magnetism and lifting whilst fine motor skills are put to the test during imaginative play.....are you a budding engineer? If so.... Click here to learn more!

Freight and Cargos

All ships need a cargo to load and unload and we are developing plenty to choose from. Shipping containers, pipes, tree trunks, vehicles, cables and rocks to name a few. Each one offers a new loading challenge whilst teaching how things are moved around the globe.....or play room!

Harbours Need Ships

Tug Boat

All busy ports have tugs. Learn about pulling and pushing, winding out ropes from the winch to reach the big ship and feeling the effort needed to pull along a big ship behind you.....if you are ready to set sail, click here

Working Barge

A fully working HIAB jib arm makes light work of these huge jetty boulders. Develop coordination and fine motor skills as your little sailors learn about lifting and positioning.....civil engineers in the making click here!  

General Cargo Freighter

The first cargo ship in the fleet. Modelled on a single hold coastal freighter,  this beautiful ship is the perfect addition to a working harbour set. The hold is huge with enough room for any cargo.....Click here to set sail

No Sleeping On The Bridge

Luckily if your sailors do, the lighthouse on Rock Island should keep them safe

The Concept Behind The Toy

Designed with imaginative and learning play in mind, Harbour Master extends beyond the horizons of a simple toy. Find out more...