Harbour Walls

This is a big time wooden construction kit. We have created components that can be assembled into a whole range of possible harbour layouts. Buy complete sets or collect just what you need as and when you wish to expand your port as new designs are launched. Watch your budding civil engineers  create a container port with a Ro-Ro ferry terminal with regular sailings to those under the dinning table holiday islands or perhaps just a beautiful Cornish fishing village - imagination development is the winner here with problem solving at the heart of the assemblies.

Jetty Sets 

Jetty Set No 1

The ideal starter set. Includes a land wall, docking end pontoon, a jetty on ramp and a jetty nose. Designed for smaller ships within the wider harbour it also is ideal if space is limited, or you wish to see how the toy works for your children. Interlocking pegs mean the set can be expanded with any of our other jetty parts and numerous combinations of layout can be made.

Jetty Set No 2

The second combination set of the jetty system. This set includes 2 land walls, 2 docking end pontoons and 2 jetty on ramps. Offering more design options and capacity to dock more ships. Each set also features until June 30th 2021 2 jetty rocks as an added bonus.

Land Wall Set

This set offers 2 land walls and 2 jetty on ramps

Single Items

Docking End Pontoon

Add a docking pontoon to increase the docking potential of your jetty land wall or docking extension block. Allow bigger ships to find shelter from the storms, take on supplies or come in to pick up passengers. Made from beautifully finished beechwood there are 4 tie off bollards to moor a ship to with 4 piles to protect the ship from the harbour walls. A fixed locating pin enables the part to be located in any location hole in other jetty parts. A child safe, cleanable lacquer keeps the jetty looking good for years to come. Measures 260mm long 98mm wide and stands 70mm floor to the tops of the bollards.

Land Wall

The jetty land wall is the starting component for the jetty system. 8 location holes allow a multiple of assembly options with other jetty parts. As with all jetty elements, it is made from FSC approved European beechwood, sanded to a fine soft-touch smoothness and finished in  a child safe satin lacquer that is cleanable with a damp cloth and will keep the parts looking great for years to come. Measures 260mm long, 98mm wide and stands 45mm high.

Jetty Nose

A jetty nose to add a tie off location for a small boat. A fixed locating dowel fits into any chosen assembly hole in other jetty parts. This is wonderfully versatile element to the jetty system, increasing imaginative constructions for a very small price. measures 85mm long, 98mm wide and 45mm high. Finished in child safe lacquer from FSC approved European beechwood.

Jetty On-Ramp

For use with the jetty land wall. The on ramp enables cars and lorries to drive up onto the jetties to service the visiting ships and boats. Comes with a fixed positioning pin to fit into any location hole in other jetty elements. Measures 105mm long, 98mm wide and 45mm at the highest point. It can also be used as a small slip way into the sea.

Jetty Rocks

No jetty is complete without the protective rocks to break up the waves from washing it away. Random, soft sanded boulder shapes available in various quantity packs really make a jetty look the part. Left unlacquered to acquire the patina of age....or the perhaps to become a painting project....seaweed, crabs and limpets spring to mind! Approximate size range 70mm x 50mm x 45mm but varied.

Port & Starboard Buoys

All approaches to port need to be safe and what better way than to use the bouy system that real shipping trusts. hand turned from beechwood and then meticulously hand painted by our skilled painters. Available in sets of 4 from our online shop.

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Toy Safety

All Harbour Master toys meet EN71 toy safety regulations and due to some small parts are recommended for use by children over 36 months of age.

Harbour Master and all associated products are designed for use on the floor or counter tops in a playroom/area setting. They are not designed for use in water. If used in water, whilst they may float damage to glues, finishes and the toy may occur.