A21- Jetty Set No 1


Jetty set No1 features a land wall with 8 positional holes, an on ramp and a jetty nose each with a locating peg and finally a docking pontoon with 4 bollards and ship protecting piles to secure smaller ships such as the tug or barge to.

Each element can be located in any of the 8 positional holes to create a variety of jetty shapes. from a compact docking bay to a long jetty out into the sea, or combine with other jetty elements to make something unique. Hand made and beautifully finished in child safe lacquer at our workshops in Wales. 

All toys are supplied in a 100% recycled cardboard box which may contain wood wool void filler to ensure safe transit. Every item of packaging is recyclable or if you prefer compostable. We actively encourage you to recycle or reuse our packing. Free postage to UK addresses.